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Public Lectures

Urban Centre Mumbai supports, SEA Conversations, a fortnightly lecture series set up to establish a dialogue on contemporary issues and practices around the built and cultural environment. SEA invites imminent practitioners from various disciplines to engage with the students and the community at large.

Coming up next: To Inhabit with Care

Monsoon 2023 lecture series

Dates: 5th June to 29th September


The symposium invites eight speakers from different geographies and fields to explore these different aspects of care with the hope of speculating other ways of inhabiting this world. What does it mean to inhabit, with care? To inhabit, with care is not just an interrogation in to the medicalization and financialization of life, but also a proposition to invent careful ways for how we think, act, engage, and relate to oneself and others differently; what and how we attend to all that...Read More

Previous SEA Conversations

drawing out natures.JPG

Drawing out Natures

Drawing out Natures was a series of online lectures from 17th June 2022 to 23rd September 2022. It was an engagement towards making visible the invisible relations between natures and the natures of human and more-than-human agency. The series delves into the drawing out of natures to advance imaginaries of engagement with contemporary ecological crises and climate emergencies, and the contests that come to erode and expand socio-spatial claims in the shared ecologies of our worlds.

View complete series here:

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Beyond the Metropolis

Beyond the Metropolis was an online symposium shifting the coordinates of urban imagination (Winter 2021-22), organised by SEA College of Architecture, starting from Friday 17th December 2021. The series invited artists, architects, filmmakers and urbanists to offer provocations on how to read into and engage with the multiple, emerging presents and futures of urban life, urban form and architecture beyond the metropolis.

View complete series here:

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Building Agency

Building Agency (Monsoon 2021), was organised by SEA College of Architecture, starting from Friday 25th June 2021. The Series brought together speakers from across the world in a total of eight sessions over four months, until 15th October 2021. The Series explored the role of spatial design and the role of the architect in shaping the society. These discussions offer useful directions for contemporary spatial pedagogy and practice.

View complete series here:

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